The Vision Coach & Speaker


My name is Mariak (Maria Luiza Knoblauch) brazilian, I am the first VISION COACH in the world. I am based in Dubai with +20 years of vast experience into various business ecosystems with iit’s complex network or interconnected systems and sectors. I inspire and get inspired by people during my private coaching, speeches and mentoring. I retired with 42 years old as a business woman into sustainable ecosystems, research and development, social impact investments and worldwide general trading for private clients and special or sensitive projects. I am very well related into governments and family offices around the world, business organizations, companies and also native or traditional communities because of my previous vision services into sustainable macro or micro ecosystems

My focus in this second part of my life is to be the useful for the people that understand the value of a vision coach. With me you will be able to understand the whole ecosystem around you, discover more about yourself (conscious and unconscious), your purpose of life to build your legacy and be the visionaire of your own blessed Life. With this knowledge we can decide and deliberate together the next steps for short, medium and long term and with the best septennium strategies to achieve your goals with the right people.

“Doing a reading of life structured in septenniums helps the individual to build his knowledge about himself to seek a greater understanding of the world around him” 

Rudolf Steiner

A VISION COACH is a term that I use for professional services provided for those companies, governments, family offices, liders, entrepreneurs that want to dive into their unconscious or unpredicted future in order to discover their purpose in the world and align it into their private and public life. With this strategy we design a septennium plan for the continuous cycles of the next seven years improvement and match them into their micro and macro ecosystems such as communities, society and government strategic cycles as well.

The main objectives includes mindset education for physical, spiritual and mental health with sustainable development with freedom respecting the evolution cycles of life.