The Artist

Mariak (Maria Luiza Knoblauch), is a person who in addiction to being idealistic, goes beyond the boundaries between what is expected and possible, for the beauty that the dificulty arises. You have to be so crazy to travel through heaven, land, water and fight for a sun shining for more people. Having claw, bet on people , take risks and yet always with a smile on her face. Her great motto is to provide the interaction of people finding the best and most unusual means to an exchange between the native and urban culture with innovation, technology and social impact. Passion moves crazy , but knowledge sets the tone of seriousness.

Mariak born in 04/09/1981, has worked since the age of 9 in the atelier of her parents to exclusive customers in the luxury market, nationally and internationally
Her focus has always been to use art as a way to make dreams come true with smart technology innovation and sophistication, both in residential areas as well as corporate.
She is able to put her perception of art from around the world to convey in her paintings and designs, the inner world of each of her customers, when they express their true soul.
Graduated in Arts in Brazil, with Honors in the thesis about art as a means for human development.
Irreverent and with great ambition, she never stopped her dream of social projects.

Mariak always defended the importance of partnerships. For this reason always worked with a worldwide network of friends and suppliers of smart sustainable solutions for decoration, innovation, technology, social and cultural projects aligned to vision 2050.

In the MARIAK, KNOBLAUCH ATELIER , SEVEN MESH GROUP, ERA TRANSMEDIA, TORUS LEGACY HOLDING AND NPO, BRASCOTTA and in other companies as well, she is responsible for international relations , development of long-term and strategic programs focused on sustainability , innovation and ecosystems aligned vision 2050, conscious economy, transmedia communication and art marketing.

Where she spoke: Campus Party , The Big Data Week, universities, chambers of commerce , companies , public parks , schools , communities and others.