About Us

Pleasure to meet you here. My name is MariaK (maria Luiza Knoblauch), I`m an Brazilian artist and begun my artistic career in the art atelier of my parents in 1990 called Knoblauch studio.
Currently I have one Holding Company in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi that Calls Torus Legacy, that hold many companies that I`m involved related to trading, green building development, smart technologies and future ecosystems concept design that generate positive social impact. 
I`m happy to share my life here, stories and dreams. In the year of 2018 I start to live one of my dreams that is live in Yas Island in a Yacht. This Yacht host many of my stories and the people that built this stories with me until today. Yalla!


The first company that born as a spinoff is a landscape concept design company that calls Mariak Gardens where the main focus beyond the arts of course, is the creation of gardens with unique design and beauty to bloom the Emirates Desert.

We are developing our own interactive technology to our gardens. People have an amazing experience with the plants and their universe.

Our gardens are jointly developed with great gardening professionals, landscaping and biotechnology.

The second company that born as a spinoff is a Food and Beverage trading company, called Seven Mesh, that quickly become Seven Mesh Group to be a worldwide mesh business HUB focus in sustainable business and unique specialities of the seven continents.

With the time I was invited to be the president and Head of Innovation, R&D and International Relations of the Commercial Chamber Of The State Of Sao Paulo…I accepted and we change all the business model and become the first digital commercial chamber in the world focus in social impact business and without a president. We work in collaboration and today our innovation HUB are based in Dubai UAE.

I`m a passionate person. I love live my life full of joy and unique experiences

In my life art, science, technology and social impact walk together.

Every work that I`m involved, part of the profits are reinvested in sustainable projects that have innovation, social | environmental  impact and alignment in vision 2050 and so on…

For this I create a personal investment fund for that.

Whell, to know more about me and my trips let`s keep more closer…